We were very fortunate to have Robert Anderson build our home in Stathams Landing.  We had never built a house before and Mr. Anderson gave us the time and attention that we needed to make smart decisions. He discussed each process with us along the way. He only billed us once a week for the work that had been completed. He offered suggestions where we might want to shop for things like lighting and bathroom fixtures. We were given his professional discount for company sales along the way.

While under construction Mr. Anderson was always careful to keep the construction site clean and safe for us when we visited. We made several changes to our overall house plan. Mr. Anderson was helpful in offering his advice in guiding us in the right direction. Since the house was completed we have hired Mr. Anderson to build us a detached drive-in shop and also a beautiful patio area with a large round fire pit, including seating and a covered kitchen area. One of the best things about Anderson Construction Company was that when you called they always answered the phone or called you back promptly. We have been blessed to get to know Robert and his family though this major undertaking. If we ever build a house or anything again, Mr. Anderson will be our first choice.  We will be happy to talk with anyone personally who would like to ask any further questions.

- Jeff and June Carroll

When my husband and I were searching for a contractor to build our dream home we knew what qualities we were looking for in a project manager. I met each contractor initially to get a feel for them and discussed our vision for our home. Robert and Cheryl Anderson invited me to their home for the initial meeting. I briefly discussed our project and walked away knowing that I wanted Robert Anderson to build our home

To describe Robert Anderson and our experience while building our home would take me more than a few words, so I will try to be as concise as possible. In short, he became our friend in the process of building our home. My husband would go out to our home during construction and ask questions, seek advice, and discuss any special issues that may need to be pondered during construction, and our home was not a simple home to build. Robert always gave his advice and did not mind how many times I called or how many questions we had, and he let us make the final decisions. The most memorable thing I remember about Robert, and this is when I knew I had made the perfect choice, was when he was laying out our foundation after clearing our lot. He was on our lot, all by himself, fine grading the footings with a shovel, prior to pouring concrete. That is when I knew I had truly made the PERFECT choice for a contractor to build our home. In closing, I feel confident anyone who chooses Robert Anderson as their contractor to build their home would feel, at the end of their project, truly blessed that they made the right decision.

- Shay Chatfield